Re-pitch input sometimes recognizes tied notes, sometimes it doesn't.

• Jul 7, 2019 - 14:19

On some occasions, I find that 're-pitch' input vs the normal step-time input very helpful.

But I can't figure out why, or when re-pitch will account for tied notes, and when it won't.

What is the proper behavior for the re-pitch MIDI input? If you have a tied note, I assume it should always change all the tied notes in one go

Frequently, it changes only the first one and then eliminates the tie and then I have to change the next note and retie them back together.

No big deal, but I am wondering is this a bug? Exactly how is re-pitch supposed to work with tied notes?

(BTW, this software is getting really good. I was a little upset after the Musescore 2 - 3 change. But it is working very well now. The piano playback keeps getting better and better with each version, and it is starting to compete with Sibelius now in terms of functionality ( ease of use is 100% Musescore over Sibelius)


I don't use midi, but there are different results from the computer keyboard if you are editing tied notes over a barline and all within a measure. It's confusing to me and I don't usually use it in repitch mode. I've made it easy for me to switch between the two modes when I encounter this without removing my hands from the keyboard through shortcuts, but this isn't an option (I don't think) on a midi keyboard.

I'm unable to reproduce any problem with ties in repitch mode, and I just used it pretty extensively in an editing session last week. Do let us know if you do find steps to reproduce a problem. I could imagine maybe if there are chords involved as well? My case was a single-note line.

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