Audio bug

• Jul 10, 2019 - 13:05

Hi, i'm currently experiencing a problem on windows. Whenever I change my system audio output, musescore will continue to play sound through the previous device until it is closed and reopened. a fix would be greatly appreciated!


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But this is the way, how it works at time (as far as I know). For me it works without restarting the application (for example by changing the output device from the internal sound card to the external midi keyboard visa verce). It isn't enough to press the "apply" button, that changes works, I've also to restart the audio engine.
But maybe a suggestion for the further development that applying changes in I/O will also automatic restarting the audio engine?

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Yes, but that is a bug, and that is the work-around. I do not have to press a "reset audio" button in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or iTunes (although I admit Audacity seems to have problems in this regard). More importantly, this misbehavior (on the Mac at least) is new in MuseScore. It didn't need help a year or so ago.

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