Color codes not being saved?

• Jul 11, 2019 - 11:56

Hello, I'm trying to illustrate something using scores and need to color code entire element groups (a note and the lyrics for that note). I do this by selecting the element group with shift+click, then setting the color. This works fine, except that after saving such a file, if i close it and open it up again, the color coding is partially lost. now only the note is colored, the lyrics are all back to black. Is there any way to fix this?

Also, is there any way to select multiple individual element groups at once?
I know that you can select an element group by shift+click, and if you keep the shift down and click another note, you select a whole group of notes between the two notes you clicked.
And I also know that you can select multiple individual notes using ctrl+click. But there seems to be no way of selecting multiple individual element groups (i.e., individual notes scattered here and there selected together with the lyrics under each of those notes).

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!


Try single-step:
Right click on an item->Select->more and choose your options;
Open Inspector and select the colour;
Repeat for other items.

You can actually select discontiguous groups by using right-click, Select / More, and checking the "Add to selection" box. Not sure if that is useful for your particular usage or not - attaching an actual score and explaining in more detail what you are trying to do would help.

You can also select just the lyrics in a range via right-click, Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection.

Meanwhile, I can confirm that lyric color gets lost on save/reload when applied in this manner. There is actually a good clue this is going to be the case even before saving: if you click the lyric, you will see in the Inspector that the reset & set as style buttons are greyed out, indicating MuseScore doesn't realize you've changed the color from the default, so it doesn't think there is anything to save.

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Thank you, Marc! What you said about selecting just the lyrics actually gave me an idea that works perfectly!
I just severally select the notes, color code them in one go, then severally select the lyrics and color code them separately (also in one go). So, I can do it in two steps and won't complain. :)

I'm trying to illustrate ascending and descending scales in Indian music and how they work within a composition. So, I want to gray out certain notes during ascending phrases but leave them in during the descending ones, so I cannot just gray out all notes of the same pitch.

I'm still scoring the composition itself, but have attached a screenshot of the scale for you as an example of what i'm trying to do.

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