Fingering don't respect voices

• Jul 11, 2019 - 20:55

-Click on first note in voice 2
-Use Add/Text/Fingering to add a fingering
-Press space
-> Cursor advances to next note in voice1, not voice2

Is it a bug or a feature?



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One voice, you can. Two, three or four voices, you can't do it anymore. It is not good to be a player of a polyphonic instrument. We know  of course that it is not intented, but in a word, the effect/consequence   are discriminatory!
And here too, we would like to understand the nature and constraints to overpass the problem.
@Pentatonus: the current workaround is to go back with Shift/Space. But this forces you to go back through all notes in voice1 (e.g. on your attachment), or more, voices 2 and 3. Highly unexpected and waste of time.

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Wow, so good to navigate easily and quickly in your score and notes and rests and voices forwards and backwards to add and correct fingerings. My dream becames true!! Thanks so much. 😅

I see a first glitch (hoping the only one). Fermatas are undesired apparently in this commit (and no matter if there is one, or two, three voices etc.)

Open the test file: fermata fingering.mscz
1) double-click the first fingering
2) go to the second measure to add fingering
Unfortunately, you cannot go to the third measure: the fermata "sticks" you here, and hangs the program.

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Thanks for catching that! Fermatas are one of the elements that changed after the navigation commands were written, from being attached to chords or rests to being attached to "segments". Should be a simple fix.

BTW, this behavior is the same in 3.2.3, probably all versions since the fingering navigation was added, and the same behavior for Alt+left/right (but without actually hanging) going back to when the fermata implementation changed a year or two ago.

EDIT: latest version of PR has this fix and others relating to alt+left/right (not specifically relevant to fingering entry). Also another fix that is related to fingering: when deleting a fingering the note is now selected.

Updated Windows test build at…

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