How In The World Do I Input Brushes Fro Drumset in Musescore

• Jul 12, 2019 - 23:08

Hello All,
I'm trying to make a backing score for Autumn In New York and if you've heard and know the song, the drum part only uses brushes in it. I've looked up videos on YouTube, I've searched it on Bing, still don't know how to do it. My Drum part has literally nothing in it, no notes or anything, so if you could please help, can we start from that and fill me in step by step.


I think your first step needs to be to find yourself a Soundfont that has brush sounds, then download and install it into MuseScore as described in the Handbook. Then we can go from there, because the instructions will be different for every soundfont most likely.

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Hello Marc,

I'm also trying to find brushes for my jazz drum track. You're suggesting downloading some third party font. Several other posts talk about finding them under the Mixer, such as here:

But I see no sound controls in there. They appear to be in the Instruments panel, but even there, the percussion instruments do not include any drums.

Am I looking in the wrong place? Just looking for a simple brush sound to strike the snare, probably the most basic jazz percussive sound.


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The Mixer is still the place to start. Those pictures are from an older version with a different layout, and the UI language appears to be different, but the controls are still basically the same.

Once you’ve selected the brush kit, you’ll need to customize your drum set definition with “Edit drumset” (seee Handbook under Drum notation) to take advantage of it. MIDI pitches 37-39 are the brushes, but to be honest I don’t find the ones In the default soundfont very convincing, you may want to try others.

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Ugh. Duh. I know I clicked on there. Maybe I wasn't on the right channel at the time. And then I think when I saw "Room..." It was showing me some type of reverb setting or something.

I guess I also thought that the "brush" feature should be at the "note" level, since, eg, we probably don't want to do a side-stick with a brush, whereas changing it here would appear to affect all "notes".

But anyway, I will play with this! Thanks!!

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You’re welcome! But, a drummer can’t realistically pick up brushes for just one note. Once you drop you sticks and start playing brushes, it’s all brushes until you decide to change back. And people don’t generally do that change more than than once or twice per song (brushes for the head, the switch to sticks). So you can do that by inserting an instrument change at that spot.

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