Playback with a split bar and DC al Coda

• Jul 13, 2019 - 10:39

I have an oddity with the attached file.
When playing back, MuseScore plays all the way throughthe attached file, then repeats as expected.
After the second time, the "DC al Coda" takes effect, goes back to the beginning and at the first part of bar 10, I expect the jump to the Coda but I don't get that. MS plays the second part of bar 10 as well and then jumps to the Coda. Bar 10 was split into two bars using Edit bar/split.
It's just as though the "To Coda" only works on a complete bar, not a split bar.
Is this expected behaviour or is there something else I need to do?

This is V2.3.2 Musescore running on Win 7.

PS Just tried the same file on MS V3.2.3.7635 Rev d2d863f and get exactly the same behaviour.

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Praise my Soul the King of heaven.mscz 31.87 KB


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