Cannot change UI & Dialogs from being too large

• Jul 15, 2019 - 22:54

I'm sorry if someone has already posted this issue within the past five years with a solution, but I couldn't find one in the sea of "UI too small, pls halp." Hard time sympathizing with them when my screen looks like this:

I've heard about the -x [factor] and -r [dpi] commandline flags, but those only help in making things even larger (they're suppose to be able to make things smaller, right?). I know that there's the theme preferences settings, But I Can't Change Those (other than light/dark theme)

I can alter everything else. Everything but what's in the red box. The one thing I would like to edit. However, pressing "apply" after doing so doesn't actually change anything, and closing & opening again reveals a reverted state.

Also note how the very bottom of that dialog is cut off (I put it against the top of the screen). It's a little more noticeable in the mixer.
Just a little bit. That's as small as it will go. If I want to do anything there, I have to retract the arrow, in which case I am allowed to resize the thing smaller, and then do so. But that's a whole 'nother issue that's been around for months.
Expanded_Mixer_View.png Retracted_Mixer_View.png

It's worth mentioning that this only occurred after I updated the Extensions (I waited a few days after updating MuseScore, which in itself I waited for because the new dynamic playback features affected my scores). Notice how the background colour is a dark gray (It wasn't like that before!).

A factory revert did help with the text size and not being able to edit the preferences,
but I've already written this thing, so I guess this will be a bug report & rant about dialog sizes, because those aren't affected by the settings.

Windows 10, MuseScore (windowed), 1080p Res


The MDL extension does this on purpose for some reason in their special workspace. You can defeat it by going to View / Workspaces / Edit and unchecking the GUI boxes.

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Yeah, no, even when I'm in the MDL workspace the edit menu item is greyed out. It would appear that that is available only for the workspaces that you create with the new button, just above edit.

However, there is no crashing when trying to switch workspaces in the lastest nightly build (2019-07-13-1027).


So is the problem, then, that the MDL workspace isn't suppose to be a default one? Or is it intended to be uneditable?

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: cc654b1

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