Linking notes to tablature on four frets manually

• Jul 18, 2019 - 09:14

I see from reading past posts that tablature can be manually accomplished from the piano data, How is this created? Thanks.

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"I see from reading past posts that tablature can be manually accomplished from the piano data"
Sure? Where? If so, it's a misunterstanding.
Have you already see a pianist plays on tablature? No! So, it's no intended for.
But: you can easily change intrument (right-click on the piano staff -> staff properties -> Instrument change -> Guitar/standard staff, etc.)
This done: select "new" guitar standard staff -> Ctrl + arrow down (to get the right pitch/octave considering the clef 8va)
Finally, you have only to copy-paste. And you receive: Expanding_Your_Strums1.mscz

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Hi Jojo
It worked, not sure how I did it but I created a new score and just put in the guitar tablature and copied the piano notes overwhich resulted in it converting into the weird numbers on the tablature but, but , but. I highlighted each line and used the down arrow or Up and got the correct tab settings without altering the score. WOOHOOOO! I then copied and pasted to my piano score. I think that's the deal of it. Thanks for the idea. Michelle

Your attachment shows chords on the piano staff that "look" as if they are voiced for guitar (G chord).
The problem is that the guitar sounds an octave lower than it is written.
If you drop the piano staff an octave, it will paste into the TAB staff correctly.

Even changing instrument to guitar shows the need for octave lowering:

So, the best way is to change to a guitar instrument, lower the octave, and then add a linked TAB staff so the TAB gets filled automatically (without copy/paste).
(Oh, and get rid of that unlinked TAB staff.)

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Thanks for this. I wanted it exactly as I saw in a book on tablature. Actually you got it exactly as I wanted. Wow. You've given me information to understand what was happening re: guitar. Much appreciate.
You are quite right of course. I will keep your notes, wonderful of you. GREAT IDEA Michelle

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