Audio export is slow

• Jul 19, 2019 - 14:14

Hello. I'm using the portable version. It's taking a long to begin a wav export. The clips are quite short and I remember it being lightening quick, in the past. What could be hanging things up now.


Portable version, for Windows? So it got to be MuseScore 2 (there is still no MuseScore 3 PortableApp). Or AppImage for Linux?

Anyway: Audio export is slow, be it MP3 or even more so WAV (as that produces much larger files). I guess you remembe wrongly.

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I don't know. It even starts up slowly. This is only 3 or four measures. It should begin and end in like one second. It's taking several seconds just to load the box that measures the rate of the export. Total is five or six seconds or longer even for a few measures. No. I don't remember wrongly. Why would I notice it all of a sudden. A balck box shows, slowly, and then the details of the progress rate show. This is some kind of hang up. I've been a user for five years or so.

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Was it faster on 7 then slowed down on 10?

Since you're on a portable version you haven't upgraded your MuseScore so the problem has to be with your system somewhere else. I'm no midi expert, but there are some around so maybe one of those might be able to help you.

I would suggest that you use the 3.2.3 version and check it out. Note that there is a bit of a learning curve due to new features, but we'll be here to help you out. It is now much easier to make a nice looking score.

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