Drum sounds defective. Original drum sounds lost

• Jul 20, 2019 - 06:10
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S3 - Major
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In order to investigate, we would need you to tell us which sounds you are having trouble hearing. Also tell us which soundfonts you are using (View / Synthesizer, the Fluid and Zerberus tabs), and what version of MuseScore

I am using the Music_score sf3 (Fluid). NO Zerberus. The percussion sounds have been reduced to Marching Tenor, that is not the original sound. For new composition, no percussion sound is effective. These problems have arrived at installing the newest version of 3.2. As I am a composer, I can not work anymore with Musescore if the problem is not fixed.

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Programa Musical Nº 4 Fulniô ebh.mscz 93.49 KB

I see that your Sordu is set to Marching Tenor, and that is what it sounds like. The other percussion instruments are set to drumsets (standard and orchestra), and each of the pitches I checked sounds as it should. But the names of your sounds are not ones I expect from standard General MIDI drumsets at all. Eg, you have MIDI pitch 63 set to "Bass drum rim knock", but that's not what MIDI pitch 63 is supposed to be - it's supposed to be on open conga, and that's exactly what it sounds like.

So I suspect the drumset definitions for your score were designed to be used with a different soundfont (MDL, maybe, but maybe not). Were you previously using MDL? If so, you may need to reinstall those soundfonts. Or whatever other non-standard soundfont you may have been using previously.

The sounds como from your General sf3. When the music had been written, the higher pitches had a clear roundly drum sound, Now I get only at Marching Senor a drum sound which is too shrill. All other sound sets have now whistle sounds where I had drum sound. This happened when I installed the newest version.

Well, as I said, based on the drumset definitions, there is simply.no.waynthw standard spundfoy ever would have rendered some of thosef sounds as one would expect from the name. Did you create those drumset definitions yourself? Can you tell us which version of MuseScore you think would have have played this score differently? And can you please tell us a specific note in a specific measure that doesn't sound the way you expect, so we know what exactly to listen for?