Chord symbol placement keep resetting after reopening file

• Jul 20, 2019 - 22:20


I've encountered a problem connected with my manual adjustments to chord symbols "resetting" after I save and open the score at later time.

E.g. in attached score; measure 17 and the F#m that "resets" after save, close and re-open of score. The problem seems to adhere to AP being disabled? (point 1 - 3)

The problem at hand seems to helped (sometimes) by fiddling with "minimum distance"... but that doesn't work when the cord symbol is a single letter, e.g. G, as in measure 22 where the chord symbol is severly off center and can't be manually adjusted due to "resetting". (point 4)
This seems to be that the symbol is centered with the fretnumber as its right reference... but I might be wrong.


Attaching example score and chord XML.

Running version (d2d863f) on Win7 Prof.

Attachment Size
endless example.mscz 34.13 KB
stdchords_bass.xml 13.51 KB


I can confirm there seems to be a problem with some of the chords here. Other work OK. Not sure what the difference is. Can you file an official bug report to the issue tracker (see Support menu, above), with this score and steps to reproduce the problem (eg, go to bar 17, move the chord, save, reload). Set "Severity" to "Major".

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