Importing score created with Muse Score 2.3.2

• Jul 22, 2019 - 20:33

I have created a somehow complex score using Musescore Version 2.3.2.
I instaled Version 3 recently.
But when loading scores created with Version 2.3.2 the result is really desatrous. Almost all
brackets and other symbols are completely misplaced and the score looks really messy.
Enabling or disabling "Automatic placemente" does not produce any relevant change.
I am concerned, because I want to know to what extend "backwards compatibility" is maintained by Musescore.
I am attaching to this message example.mscz (created using Musescore 2.3.2) and example.pdf to show how it should look the original score. If you open example.mscz with Musescore 3, you will not see this at all...!
Any thoughts?
Many thanks

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We try to do the best we can keeping older scores looking as similar as possible. This is difficult, though, because the enormous improvements we've made in the default layout does mean that manual adjustments made to work around deficiencies in the old layout aren't going to make sense any more. In many cases the differences are not great, but where they are and you wish to continue working on the score "a little", it can be easier to just keep 2.3.2 installed for that purpose rather than spend the extra time (a matter of maybe 10 minutes for your score) to update them.

In your case, you've also made some manual adjustments that were simply done incorrectly and would have caused problems in MsueScore 2 as well if you ever changes anything about the layout. Most importantly, you've applied the hairpins incorrectly, attaching them to one set of notes then dragging them to look like they were attached to a different set. It's extremely important to attach lines (including hairpins) to the correct notes, as described in the Handbook (eg, select the notes then double-click the palette icon or use shortcut, or use Shift+left/right while editing the line rather than just dragging). The dotted line in edit mode shows you the actual attachment points.

So really, the first thing you should do is fix those hairpins. Then you will find you don't need the manual adjustments at all.

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