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• Jul 22, 2019 - 22:47

Hello there,

I don't know when, why, or if this will be changed, but I really don't like some of the new colors in one of the latest updates. Specifically the voice colors as well as breaks & spacers. Voices 3 & 4 are alright, but 1 & 2 have been faded so much it's kind of weird to look at, almost like it's been through a colorblind filter. Breaks & spacers are the same way, they're such a faded gray now that it starts to blend in with the white background. I feel the decision to change these colors has made them harder to see, and I would like it to be changed back, or at least some alternative implemented, if the developers aren't already working on this.



You can change them in Edit->Preferences->Advanced, that's what I did. I used the settings from an old nightly to make the colors the same as I'm used to.

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If that professional designer is Tantacrul, no wonder. He must be the owner of an excellent sight and a large screen :). Many of us poor users rely on a rather small laptop screen and have a rather decrepit visual capacity.
Good UI interface visual design must take into account visual accessibility and present well chosen higher contrast colours. Even if it is possible to change colors (what is very welcome), I've found it is somewhat cumbersome because the correspondence of a visual element such as a button or a specific text is not straightforward to find among a bundle of programmer's technical descriptions such as "ui/score/layoutBreakColor", requiring some dose of trial and error. Besides, just changing a color may solve a particular visual need, but may impair the consistency of a well-thought color pallete (which if thoughtfully selected may help to prevent or reduce eyestrain).
One possibility is to offer more themes (currently I've found only light and dark), including medium and high contrast, as well as versions for different types of color blindness, such as protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia.

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