Issue tracker glossary?

• Jul 25, 2019 - 20:30

Is there a glossary of the terms used in classifying issues? (I'm particularly interested in the usage of the term "Frequency"--does it reflect the number of incidents reported; just a general estimation of how frequently the problem is encountered; or something else entirely--but a compilation of the intended usage of each such term would be nice.) Also, is there a means of registering a "+1" w.r.t. an existing issue, i.e., reporting that I too am having the issue? Thanks!


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Ok, thanks. (I was going to just Comment "+1" (the issue report already has more information than I had; in particular, it gives a workaround) but I saw that its frequency class was "many"--despite having no comments--so I thought either I was misinterpreting what "frequency: many" meant--I wasn't--or a lot of people had already reported the problem and either all the comments to that effect had been "cleaned out" and/or the evidence for "many" consisted of numerous other equivalent issues which someone had had to consolidate; in any event, if it's already of frequency class many, it hardly seem helpful to add merely a +1 comment.)

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Most users report problems as question first in the forum. It could be that when creating or updating a feature we change the field to "Many" to reflect this, without all those users also commenting on the issue.

Adding a +1 can be useful even for "many" issues especially if some time has passed since the last comment/report as it also actualizes that the problem is still there. When you "+1" something, please also include the version of MuseScore you've experienced the issue in. (See Help -> About)

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