Header/Footer meta-tag pop up is difficult to access

• Jul 26, 2019 - 18:09

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: d2d863f

I am finding it difficult to access the meta-tag pop-up/tool tip in the header/footer dialogue. It seems to require a mouse movement to make the tool tip pop up but the result depends on where the mouse cusor is located. If it is within the top row of boxes for odd page headers or in the bottom row for even page footers, the tool tip appears and stays visible until the mouse is moved or is clicked (this disappearing trick is not very helpful as having revealed the tool tip one then wants to move the mouse and click in one of the boxes to enter something and now the tool tip has gone, taxing one's short term memory - what was that tag name I just read for file name with path? but this is not the main point of my post). However, if the mouse cursor is located elsewhere the tool tip pops up briefly when the mouse is moved but then pops down and disappears even if the mouse is not moved.

It would be nicer if the tags could be accessed from a right click sub-menu; i.e. position the cursor in the appropriate box, right click and have a list of available tags shown, click on the tag and it is entered at the position of the cursor.


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Thank you for the crib sheet and pointer to the handbook.

However, my poor choice of title and the poor structure of my post seems to have meant that the main points were rather deeply buried. I will try to excavate them.

POINT 1: The pop up list of options is stable visible only when the cursor is in the top or bottom rows of cells. If it is in rows 2 or 3, the popup disappears after a brief appearance even if the user does not touch the mouse or any other key.

POINT 2: Editing headers and footers would be facilitated if there was a right click menu that allowed selection of the available tags that can be entered.

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I have a difficult time getting the popup list of options to stay up. I haven't figured out what exactly I need to do to get it to stay up. Most of the time it pops up and immediately collapses.

I just did some more testing on this and it seems to be related to if the pop up has room to display in the current location. If it cannot 100% display where MuseScore tries to put it, it starts to pop up, then collapses when it realizes it won't be able to display the entire thing. After I move my mouse around I eventually find a place where it displays, but it's quite annoying.

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