Visible and invisible parts from a score

• Jul 30, 2019 - 05:38

What if I want something to appear in one part and not the others...
for example... I want to place an alternate introduction in the Piano part.... I want the pianist to be able to use Intro 1 or Intro 2 at his discretion... but I don't want that to appear on the other parts in the score.
Can that be done?
right now I write two 2 bar intros for the pianist and they appear as four bars of rest in the other parts..
Or I tag an extra two bars at the end of the chart to provide an alternate intro...and it appears in the other horn parts as two bars of rest. How can I take that out of all of the parts but the piano?
Any idea?


mike320 • Jul 28, 2019 - 03:56 In reply to Mike, this is not related to… by drumonk
One idea is in measure properties (right click a measure, choose measure (bar in GB) properties and there is a box at the top that says staff 1, staff 2 and so on. To the right of this are boxes you can use to make measures invisible in those staves and another to make the notes stemless in that measure. In all of the staves but the piano, make the first two measures invisible. Put the notes you need in the piano to tell him what you want him to do. Perhaps this will work for you.

A second option is to enter another instrument (piano) and mark both staves as cutaway in the staff/part properties after you enter notes in the first two measures. You can then put a note explaining to the pianist what you mean.

For the sake of others searching for answers to the same question, it's best to start a new thread for unrelated questions.



If you use the cutaway option then the extra piano part will never show up in any part you generate unless you include the piano part. With the cutaway option, both versions of the intro are in measures 1 & 2, it just acts and looks like an ossia. So by all means this is related to the other discussion.

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