Arpeggiator plugin?

• Aug 4, 2019 - 12:47

I could very easily (now) write a plugin which could arpeggiate notes in a vertical selection on a staff such that, say, an entire right-hand, or 2-hand, chord, could be arpeggiated as in real life even if were in several voices, which is now virtually impossible, and is a real case which arises in harpsichord continuo every time. Is this a sane thing to do, or should I argue for, and implement in the core, an enhancement to the Inspector for arpeggiation, viz., an "all voices" checkbox?


This also happens a lot on the harp in classical music. I'd rather see it incorporated into the main program, but this wouldn't be the first feature to start its life as a plugin.

This is a bit harder than I first thought, because of the bankruptcy of the per-mille/note system -- if the notes are of different lengths, which will almost always be the case if they could not be made part of the same single-length "chord", you can't even use per-mille's as a measure of what to cut back. "Time stretch" coefficient of a mysterious quantity (as in today's Arpeggio tool) is .... not great. Ultimately, it must be some measure which is scaled with tempo (i.e., msec will not do). Per-mille of the "smallest note" might do, but it's ugly, but it's about the best there is if the per-mille system remains as it is today.

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