Why cant i download my own scores, without a paid membership?

• Aug 5, 2019 - 01:04

The score in question: https://musescore.com/user/32782249/scores/5665061

I'm a high school student dabbling in making music and i wanted to start this just to mess around and get the fell for it. When i was making it however, the file i had saved on my pc got corrupted and musescore crashed without saving my work (it was like, ab 30 minutes of work, that's a lot for me) And when i went to download the pdf so i could re-upload the file (im on a Chromebook, im using the rollApp thing to get it working as my actual pc is broken atm) it wouldn't let me download my OWN score. I'm baffled as to why it requires a subscription, to download my OWN MUSIC. (im really tight on money and cant afford a subscription to Musescore pro)

I know about the entire Copyright shtick (https://musescore.com/legal/dmca) and i want t just download this one PDF to make sure i can continue working.

Any help?


I've tried to download your score and was successful. I'm not subscribed to musescore.com either, so there is no reason (at least to be claimed on MuseScore.com) preventing you from downloading your music. Try again. It may be better to download the MSCZ format instead of the PDF, so you'll be able to go on working on your score with MuseScore. The PDF cannot be further edited. It only would serve as a source from which input again every single note... If you need a PDF when you are done with your music, you can export from MuseScore.

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