copied chord symbols won't align properly in new measures

• Aug 5, 2019 - 03:35

I have copied chord symbols before and never had this problem. When I copy the chords from the "head" of the piece at Rehearsal Letter A to the Solo Section Rehearsal Letter A, they don't align the same way at they do in the original portion of the piece. For example the first measure has three chords in it and is only supposed to have two. I tend to just follow Marc's recommended method... but for some reason on this chart it isn't working. Any ideas?


It works perfectly for me. Select a group of measures, right click a chord symbol, choose Select>all similar items in selection range, copy (ctrl+c). Select the first beat in the destination and ctrl+v to paste. All chords are where they belong.

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Doesn't for me... .I get three chord in the first measure...and it elongates....then I get three chords in the 4th measure and it becomes a long measure compared to the rest as well... I don't know why it is jamming three chords in one measure...

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One thing you have to remember to get the chords to line up properly in the new measures is to paste them into the same beat of the measure that they were on the original.... i.e. if the chord is on beat two... if you paste it to beat one in the new measure... it will through the entire chord scheme off... Wherever that first chord is you copy...beat 1,2,3, the +of 2... wherever it happens to have to paste it onto that beat in the new measure... or the chords won't align in the new location.

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You are correct. When I copied the chord symbols, I selected the complete measures (clicked beat 1 then shift clicked the last beat of the last measure). I then right clicked a chord symbol and used select>all similar items in range selection and copied the selected chord symbols. MuseScore recognized which beat the first chord symbol was on, so when I selected the first note in the destination measure, it adjusted the chord symbols to the correct beats.

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