New version crashes on mac when selecting "program extensions"

• Aug 7, 2019 - 11:57

The version when I select "program extensions". Mac OS Mojave.
(Just curious to see if extensions are beginning to work - still misses a lot of my 2.0 extensions)


2.0 didn't have any extensions besides MDL in the later versions (2.3)
If you mean plugins, these are still activated using the Plugin Manager, not the Resource manager/extensions...

As for the crash; are you running with the -w argument by any chance?
Or are you one of those users that had to disable the start center to be able to launch the software?

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I am talking about plugins - sorry - I am using the danish version, so I was not sure of the english term. It was the plugin manager, which caused the crash.
I am not using -w argument. I did have some trouble running the newest version, but solved it by removing the application settings in library.

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To further clarify there a bit though.
Having a file in the plugin directory, means the plugin manager will scan it and attempt to create a plugin from it and it's menu entry. This encompasses running (part of) the plugin.

Yes, the software should attempt to be better at not crashing due to a faulty plugin; but going with "plugins under development" isn't quite basic usage of the software either..

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