Mac Musescore 3.2.3, Synthesizer greyed out, I/O options in blank, no playback

• Aug 7, 2019 - 20:02

Hello!, I was just adding "Salamander Piano SFZ" to Zerberus, then I went to eat lunch and when I returned I opened MS on my macbook 13" again and the sound was glitchy until it crashed, when I restarted it playback was disabled and synthesizer was greyed out. I tried downgrading to MS 2.0 but the problem stays.

Please help


This is really a mess, MuseScore is a great tool being free but now it’s literally unusable with this problem :c at least for me that I'm a music composition student, don’t really know what to do. All night I tried everything I've found in all forums that talk about this bug (Installed a backup soundfont, factory reseted, reinstalled, wiped up NVRAM, downgrading to MS2, installed Developer Nightly build) without any success :c

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My guess is that you are using windows 10 and it automatically updated without your permission (thanks Microsoft). I suggest that you look at the driver in your system settings for you sound output device and make sure it's updates. This is an obscure solution that sometimes helps windows users. There are a couple of other ideas if your on windows, so let us know how this works.

Well, since I've waited for so long for next MS3 updates, at the end even installing MS3.3 never fixed the playback problem. I gave up and I had to reinstall all MacOS just for that issue :/ didn't find another way

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