Tempo Slider is Difficult to Use with a Tablet: How about a +/- Tempo UI Control?

• Aug 12, 2019 - 10:49

I find the Tempo Slider to be difficult to use, especially if I use my Surface Pro as a tablet. Trying to use the slider with your finger on a tablet is not not just imprecise, it's an exercise in futility. If on the other hand there was a increment/decrement BPM UI control, it would be very easy. The + and - buttons would have to be big. They couldn't be staggered on top of each other. They would need to exist on each side of the text box:

 - 112 +

Perhaps something that looks like this.
Play Panel.png

The slider and +/- control could be synchronized.

It would great if this control could be added to the Available Actions in the "Playback Control" toolbar.

BPM Playback.png

I want to practice something over and over and each time I do it correctly, I want to increase the BPM by +1. I do this with a metronome app on my phone, but would love to actually use the playback and metronome feature in MuseScore!

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