Errors in Measure count in status bar

• Aug 13, 2019 - 09:02

When I exclude measure{s) from the count, the measure count shown in Status Bar shows all measures counted.

Therefore - measure count in the score does not agree with measure count shown in the status bar.


The status bar always shows the absolute and internal measure number.
There is a PR pending to also show the relative measure number, if it is different

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Consider section breaks:

A section can have its own measure numbering independent of the rest of the score.
So theoretically a score can have measures with the same number.

Suppose a score consisted of 20 exercises, each exercise consisting of 12 measures. Section breaks are added between exercises so that each exercise will have its measures numbered 1 - 12 on the score.

Measure #6 will appear in 20 different places in such a score, which is why the status bar assigns every measure a unique and consecutive number. It is accurate, and not approximate at all.

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The idea of the pending PR is to add the section number or modified measure number to the status bar. In any case, if you use ctrl+f (the find function) you will need to look for the internal measure number not the modified measure number to get to a certain point in the score. The internal measure number is guaranteed to be unique, while you can have multiple measures with the same printed number on it. As a user the internal number is important.

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