Cannot change clef in the middle of the piece

• Aug 14, 2019 - 02:14

In the screen shot below, at the bottom of page two, you can see that there is a lead-in to the next page. This appeared when I tried to change the first measure of the third page to bass clef. Highlighting the measure and double clicking the bass clef did not work. Dragging the bass clef onto the first measure of the third page did not work. You can see that all measure following the first measure on the third page have bass clefs because I dragged them there. I cannot figure out how to change the clef of the first measure on the third page. What am I doing wrong?


It's better to attach your actual score, not just a picture. As it is, it appears maybe there is an invisible courtesy clef at the bottom fo the first page shown (page 2?), but beyond that, it's impossible to do more than guess.

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Hmm, I see it in the original post now too. But I swear I didn't before?

Anyhow, when I remove the section break, it's more apparent what is happening - there is both a bass clef and a change to treble clef in that next measure. Not sure how it got that way - was this by any chance started in an earlier version, where there were some known bugs in this area?

Anyhow, it seems there is a bug where a section break on an end repeat doesn't handle a clef change correctly. That is, add a repeat barline to a measure, then a section break, then a clef change to the next line, and the gap appears at the end of the previous system. Could you file this as an official bug report in the issue tracker (see Support menu above, or Help menu within MuseScore)?

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I downloaded muse score through homebrew this past weekend. The version is I will file this as an issue. I'm actually a software developer by trade and I've been looking to get into some sort of open source development. Do you think this could potentially be a good first issue?

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Maybe so, although I will warn you this code is kind of trick! I am pretty it is related to a change I make to force clefs to display after repeat barlines - see It could be as simple as just not swapping the segments if the clef segment is disabled, or maybe if a section break is present on the measure. Or there could be more to it. Not that I expect those terms will mean a lot to you right now, but feel free to ask for help on Telegram (see the Development links under the Contribute menu above). There's a learning curve no matter how you slice it, but if it's as simple as adding a check for clefSeg->enabled() before commencing with the swap, then it's about as easy a fix as you could possibly hope for.

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