Suggested change to handbook - Advanced topics - Staff / Part properties: all staves

• Aug 14, 2019 - 18:28

I propose the following change to the section headed "Instrument", inserting new text as shown within brackets {{...}}

The instrument loaded in the Instruments (I) or Select Instrument dialog. The sound associated with this instrument can be changed, if desired, in the Mixer.

{{The following items are set to default values when a new stave is created. The default values are defined in the instruments.xml file (see… for more details)}}

Part name
The name of the part. This is also displayed in the Mixer and the Instruments dialog (I). {{If the text item trackName has been defined for the selected instrument in instruments.xml, this is used as the default part name. If trackName has not been defined, the Long instrument name is used as the default part name. The part name may be edited and will only affect the selected staff. The part name in other staffs using the same instrument will not be affected.}}


Would anyone like to comment/suggest something different before I go ahead?


I reckon they're both good edits to the handbook - it's important to know 'where things come from', as it can get quite complex and even a bit confusing unless you're familiar with these points.

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