Nightly Built

• Aug 10, 2014 - 14:36

Hi there,

I'd like to avoid the 4/4 at the end of each bar in the latest Nightly Built version.

Can anybody help?

Have attached an example.


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01_Schlagzeug-lernen-1_pdf.png 63.59 KB


There wouldn't normally be a courtesy time signature unless you are changing time signatures, which you don't appear to be doing here. So something must be unusual abut your score. You'd need to post it - not just a picture of it - for us to have much chance of being able to tell what is wrong.

EDIT: on second thought, maybe you inserted those time "changes" (from 4/4 to 4/4 again) to force 4/4 to appear at the start of each line? In which case, yes, turn off courtesy time signatures in General Style. Same way you'd do it in 1.3, BTW.

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