Crashing in only one score

• Aug 15, 2019 - 11:39

Using Version - Uninstalled and re-installed - I'm not tech. minded!

Only one score crashes all the time. (My major composition, uploaded for you)
Incidently: On play back it sometimes doesn't start - sometimes it will only start after clicking on several notes and the starts with a 'dirty/rough' sound.
This one score will crash after playing back about 5 pages - no matter where you start the playback, it crashes within a couple of minutes.
This one score will crash when just opened, click on 'format' and then on 'page settings'.
It even crashes sometimes when it opens and you do nothing, just leave it on screen for a while!

I've played back other scores of 8 or 9 pages and it's fine - no problems.

I've sent many, many crash reports.
Hope you can help soon.

Regards. Gunnerpancho

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You wrote:
This one score will crash after playing back about 5 pages.

The score you posted score shows only 4 pages - and the first page has only the title.
Is this the correct score? It plays fine for me.
'Format' and 'Page Settings' work fine too.

Unfortunately I can't reproduce this right now. I can play through the whole thing without it crashing. If I manage to reproduce it I'll put an issue in the tracker and take a look at fixing it.

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