Adding gliss does not increase space between notes to allow display of text or wavy line.

• Aug 15, 2019 - 18:15

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: d2d863f

  1. Creat a score
  2. Enter two crotchets with the second crotchet a fifth lower than the first.
  3. Select crotchets and double click wavy line gliss. from pallet

Result small increase in space betwen notes. No gliss displayed.

After a bit of feeling around with the mouse while looking at the inspector, I found a gliss was actually present between the two notes but was invisible. While the invisible gliss was selected the inspector showed that "visible" was ticked, the type was wavy, the text was "gliss." While the gliss was still selected I changed the type to straight (from wavy). Result, a short straight gliss with no text appeared in the score. The inspector showed the text was still "gliss." I stretched the bar using }. Result, the text appeared alongside the text in the score. With the gliss still selected I changed the type to wavy. Result a wavy gliss with text appeared in the score.

Increasing the leading space or x offset of the second note also results in the gliss being displayed in the score correctly.

It seems that the space between notes is not being increased sufficiently to allow a wavy gliss to be shown or for text to be shown on a straight or wavy gliss.

An example score attached. The first bar is what is shown after steps 1-3 above and with no stretch. The second bar is what is shown after increasing the X offset of the second note to 3.50 also with no stretch.
Gliss Test.mscz


Interesting, it works fine an octave lower. I guess it's the ledger line stealing some of the space. Definitely worth a bug report in the issue tracker.

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Before submitting that issue I did a search for "what links here" and found a few bug reports that it wasn't working, or that it had been fixed but nothing that told me how it worked. I guessed - wrongly it seems - that it just sort of happened when one added a link.

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