Third repeat with certain omissions

• Aug 17, 2019 - 09:00

I made music to a song that requires three repetitions. I figured out, how to do that. But I have a challenge with the third repetition: it should be shorter than the first two, by simply omitting certain bars in the middle. How do I make Musescore do that?


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Write the third repetition in the ongoing part of the staff (Copy and paste).
If some measures are different, do not be afraid to write them as a (following) separate section.

Or use one of the options mentioned above.

Or attach the file here so that everyone can see and review it.
(Maybe you're writing a choral work, and the chorists just pay attention to the lyrics. The chef (director) will rehearse them thoroughly and after a while the notes will be insignificant.)

In the old revue sessions, the parts (score) were written without repeat marks (repetition bars) and the sheets were folded together in accordion-style for a half-hour (or more) continuous and uninterrupted play!
There are different solutions for each need.

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It is not necessary to make it that complicated. I upload my solution - maybe others can learn from what I found. The critical place is from bar 22 to bar 32. Note that is paramount to modify the VOLTA itself, not just the visible lines. Just for good order's sake, I retain all rights to the work, but I certainly welcome comments.

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