Chord symbol font size change

• Aug 17, 2019 - 17:59

How do I change font size for chord symbols. When I change the font size using Inspector, it reverts back to original size when i leave edit mode.


In Inspector press the "S" (set as style) button, although it shouldn't be necessary.

Edit: A doubt: which version of MuseScore are you using?

I've seen Marc Sabatella around this morning and he's the best to confirm this, but I think the font size for chords is controlled by a setup file.

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The file you probably have in mind is the chord description file in Format / Style / Chord Symbols, but while it controls some aspects of chord symbol layout, the basic parameters still come from the text style. Only exception is that when using the Jazz style is the font ignored and is forced to MuseJazz, but size and other settings are still honored normally.

It's a glitch affecting all text, not just chord symbols, that you can't change the size while editing the text. So, finish editing the text, then change the size in the Inspector. And assuming you want all chords the same size, hit the "Set as style" button after that. Or you can use Format / Style / Text Styles to set the chord symbol styles (regular and/or alternate). Oh yeah, if your reason for changing size is for alternate chord symbols, be sure to use the alternate style (select in the Inspector).

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I am trying to reduce the size of the font for a single bar only where there isn't enough room to keep many chord symbols on a straight line. So I click on the chord symbol to high light it, click on the font size box to reduce the font size that works ... then, when I click on something else, the font size returns to the original size. The weird thing is, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't.

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