geconverteerde file downloaden lukt niet

• Aug 17, 2019 - 20:19

Als ik een pdf upoad om te converteren naar Musescore, dan krijg ik bij het aanklikken van de knop "download" een hoop rare tekens te zien )een file wordt dus geopend) en ik kan het dus niet downloaden. Doe ikiets verkeerd?




Google translate (the Dutch forum is at

downloading converted file fails

If I upload a pdf to convert to Musescore, I get a lot of strange characters when clicking the "download" button (a file is opened) and I cannot download it. Am I doing something wrong?



Let me guess: you're using Firefox?
Whatever, right-click the link, save as. Or use a decent Browser ;-)

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Thanks for your quick reaction.
- In Firefox it was impossible to right-click. only shows possible shortcuts
- In Chrome I couldn't log in: Page not recognized
- In Edge I succeeded to download the music, but it was rather mutilated

It seems that Audiveris needs some extra attention.
But.... keep up the good work



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