Mixer shows .sf2 files with names such as "New Preset1"

• Aug 17, 2019 - 23:01


I just installed a soundfont. Though it isn't a single soundfont with many files, but a folder with many single sf2 files. But that's not the problem I'm having.
The Problem is that I put the files all in Musescore with the Synthesizer, where they are named correctly, but once I open the mixer trying to select a sf2 file for an Instrument it just shows names such as "New Preset1" and so on. There are weirdly just a few files that are actually named of what they are. But also a bit differently than what they are called in the Synthesizer.

That way it is really annoying to select the right instrument since I kinda have to guess it.
I already tried reloading and renaming the files but it still doesn't work.

I put a Screenshot showing the Synthesizer and Mixer (Mischpult) with the different names of sf2 files in the attachment.

Thanks for your help.

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Mixer shows what it sees in the sound-font file.

Because the person who prepared the sound-font was lazy and did not change the name of some instruments in the sound-font.

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