Measures will not delete

• Aug 19, 2019 - 01:21

Final measures on page 2 will not delete. Using a mac. I've pressed command + Delete, ctrl+delete, shift+delete and used the delete function in Edit. They stay.


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On Mac: Cmd+Del should work. You must first select the range of measures to delete.

Alternatively, you can try menu item: Tools -> Remove Empty Trailing Measures.

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You need to actually select the measures - so the blue rectangle displays around them - before pressing Cmd+Delete or Ctrl+Delete.

Remove empty trailing measures indeed removes all empty trailing measures, including the two at the end of your score. You can always append back two more empty measures, if that's what you really want (better, to me, would be to adjust the line breaks so the last system is full, or to allow the last system to just end early - padding with empty measures is not how music is normally written.

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