Exiting Mute on Electric Guitar

• Aug 19, 2019 - 15:20

OK, so I am writing a piece for rock band. It has two electric guitar parts. In one of the parts, I have a small section of palm muting. (Two measures) After this section, I want it to go back to "Not muted." I tried putting the text "Open" and "Arco," but neither work. (And I know arco is typically for bowed strings, like violins) Any advice for exiting mute on guitar? Thank you!


any staff text would do, but you'd then need to set its properties to 'normal' IIRC
You can take the 'open' text, it'd switch to 'normal' for Guitar, but 'arco' should do too

Edit: Hmm, apparently neither works there, wonder why?
Edit 2: it does, nut a voice needs to get selected on the staff text properties, along with the 'normal' channel

Maybe we need a 'normal' text doing that in the text palette too?

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