Score Playing Back Strange

• Aug 21, 2019 - 00:55

Hey Guys

I'm playing around with a marching cadence, trying to get back into using Musescore. Suddenly, the score is playing back strangely, not playing all notes, maybe as if it is playing in a swing style. I've been picking at it on and off for a coupke days and this is the first time it has done this thusfar; so I don't know if I've just hit a shortcut I don't know about or if its something deeper. I've done what research I can do and have ensured all swing settings are off. If anyone else has had this problem or knows what I might have done, please help. The file is attached below.

Attachment Size
Flo_Lo.mscz 19.42 KB



I closed Musescore through the task manager after a freeze and playback is now normal. Guess I had too much going on in my cpu.

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