Differentiating parts for four like instruments

• Aug 22, 2019 - 00:41

Using MuseScore Version 3.0 on Windows 10. I have completed a score for four dulcimers. I' m using the book instructions, page 270, Changing instrument for an entire staff. When I try to change the first staff instrument name to Dulcimer 1, I right-click the staff and select Staff Properties. The Edit Staff/Part Properties box appears and I push the Change Instrument button. I found Dulcimer under the All Instruments Percussion - Pitched list. I enter the word Dulcimer but can't add a 1 to differentiate the part from the other dulcimers. How do I add numbers to separate the four parts?



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Hi again, Mike,
Sorry to be so dense here.
On the Staff/Part Properties page I
Didn't push Change Instruments
Did change Part Name to Dulcimer 1
Did change Long Instrument name to Dulcimer 1
Did change Short Instrument name to Dulcimer 1
Didn't check anything underneath those boxes
Clicked out on X and nothing has changed on the score.
There must be something I'm not doing......


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You must click OK to accept the changes. Enter will probably not work and Xing discards the changes.

If for some reason the dialog is too big to see the OK button at the bottom, you can drag the top edge of the window to make it a bit smaller and then move the entire box up a little so you can see the buttons.

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