Playback Bug Musescore 3

• Aug 22, 2019 - 19:13

Sustained chords on MIDI instruments don't sustain completely. For instance, in a 5/4 bar, the chord that should sustain the entire bar only sustains for 4.5 beats. This only happens in one of the scores I am making, for some reason. Could be because there are lots of midstaff instrument changes. But still it's annoying, even if I export the mp3 file it ends up bugged. Is there a way to come around this? Is there a way to fix this?
Attached are 2 scores that show the same chord progression but one doens't have this bug (the Comparison one)

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R.S. Comparison.mscz 14.42 KB
R.S. Problem.mscz 17.5 KB


If you first set this to Grand-Staff staff (piano) and then changed it to Strings, the gate times are set to 95%.
The duration of 5 beats is around 4.75.

When adding an Strings (with Grand-Staff), select "All instruments => Strings Bowed => Strings".

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We get a lot of requests to have some difference between slurred and unslurred notes, also between notes with and without tenuto markings. The particular method of slightly shortening notes without a slur or tenuto marking for piano was decided on as a sort of compromise between this and the converse desire to have things be legato by default. It was implemented also for flute as an experiment to see if the approach would be acceptable for wind instruments too.

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