Piano Roll Player please :-)

• Aug 22, 2019 - 20:54

Hi Everybody,
I have just joined the forum and wondered if anyone can advise me about the Piano Roll feature.

I have been using Synthesia for a couple of years and find its piano roll functionality great for learning how to play the piano. However it has many software issues and is not so reliable. I came across MuseScore and realised it has a piano roll editor and video recorder so that you can send videos to You Tube. However, I cannot find any documentation regarding the ability to learn to play the piano using a pIano roll feature similar to Synthesia where if you stop pressing keys the music stops until you carry on - very useful !

Is this a feature that is available ?

If not, please can this be made a feature request ? It would really add another dimension to the software.

Many thanks


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Hi Jeetee,
Thanks very much for the link, very interesting.

I have done some further research and have come across the MuseScore roll player for the tutorials which is almost what I’m after, however, earlier I was looking on the iPad version which doesn’t seem to have this For some reason. I have attached a screen shot of web version.

I hope this gets developed further as it looks promising.

Many thanks again

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