REPEATS AFTER D.S, D.S al Fine, D.S. al Coda

• Aug 22, 2019 - 23:35

If there are repeat bars before sign Segno then D.S, D.S al Fine, D.S. al Coda, also D.C....) will not play repeats inside Segno. If there are not repeat bars before sign Segnio everything is OK.


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What is surprising is that the one that works does. For some reason an end repeat (which is included in the two way repeat) in the same spot as a segno causes MuseScore some confusion. I'm not sure about a work around because notating it properly gives the same bad results. Proper notation would be to simply use a D.S. and omit the Fine all together. Fine should always come between the segno and D.S. otherwise omit the Fine and it is supposed to play until the end of the song automatically. Improper order of jump markers is known to cause problems with playback order

I have seen discussions about an end repeat at the same spot as a segno not allowing repeats to be played in the D.S. section, but I'm not finding the issue at the moment. Perhaps someone can confirm whether an issue exists.

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