I cant open my last score saved. MuseScore "CRASH"

• Aug 23, 2019 - 20:08

Hello. Last night, I was working on my score (very mucho work) and export to mp3. Then I turned offf my computer.

This morning, I can't open the file, but it is withn my SD card. The file appeare saved at correct time (and even the file mp3 what I exported). But, I try open it, anda Musescore box show me: "Crash!".
Why? please helpme, it was a very important task for me, and I working, the night entire.

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Chasrt confirmed, even in latest development build. I see a debug message:

Warning: no drumset (...\libmscore\chord.cpp:1754, void Ms::Chord::cmdUpdateNotes(Ms::AccidentalState*))

and a stact trace of:
1 Ms::Drumset::noteHeads drumset.h 74 0xdec2c3
2 Ms::Note::noteHead note.cpp 811 0x8bc14a
3 Ms::Note::bboxRightPos note.cpp 843 0x8bc346
4 Ms::Score::layoutChords2 layout.cpp 659 0x883625
5 Ms::Score::layoutChords1 layout.cpp 237 0x8821ff
6 Ms::Score::getNextMeasure layout.cpp 2707 0x88c9eb
7 Ms::Score::collectLinearSystem layoutlinear.cpp 177 0xa3b827
8 Ms::Score::layoutLinear layoutlinear.cpp 192 0xa3b8aa
9 Ms::Score::doLayoutRange layout.cpp 4415 0x896350
10 Ms::Score::update cmd.cpp 221 0x99b6c7
11 Ms::readScore file.cpp 2356 0x64dd6a
12 Ms::MuseScore::readScore file.cpp 349 0x63c24a
13 Ms::MuseScore::openScore file.cpp 327 0x63c110
14 Ms::MuseScore::loadFiles file.cpp 304 0x63bdbe
15 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 6035 0x4f93ca
16 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 5843 0x4f8585
17 Ms::MuseScore::qt_static_metacall moc_musescore.cpp 857 0x40a2fe
18 ZN11QMetaObject8activateEP7QObjectiiPPv 0x68c82085
19 ZN12QActionGroup7hoveredEP7QAction 0x26bc4ee5

Had this problem before. It's as simple as reinstall Musescore or updating it.

I had this crash constantly when had an update available. After updating it by download manually on this website, the problem solved.

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