Musescore and Midi file

• Aug 25, 2019 - 14:56

When we open a midi file in Musescore, the audio stays true to the arrangement however the written notes get very cluttered especially the drums.
Does Musescore have a tool to improve this?

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You should attach a file you are referring to, it will be easier for someone to help you, especially since it's coming from midi.

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Importing a MIDI file is much improved but not perfect.
You will notice the command bar during the import. Dragging it (see attached image) will take you to the other options. Note that the assigned channels do not always match the Tools you are using.
You'll still have to work a bit to adjust Clefs, note duration (often misinterpreted Grace notes) and so on.
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While there are some options you can play with in the MIDI import panel, the reality is that MIDI was never designed for notation, and something designed to sound like a human performance as this is going to exacerbate the already serious problems inherent in trying to good notation out of it. Probably best to load it int a sequence and clean it up there, but even though, as I aid, MIDI was just never designed for this, it's probably easier just to enter the notation directly.

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