Great disappearing files

• Aug 26, 2019 - 01:21

Hi so I just opened musescore today to make something new and saw that all my scores (except ones i downloaded) disappeared, I then checked the scores folder (I'm on Mac) and it was empty along with everything else in the Musescore 2 folder. Don't know what else to try, I don't need these scores i was just quite proud of a couple of them and would prefer for them not to have ceased to exist.

Also all information i believe is relevant is in the screenshot

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MuseScore is quite old, why not 2.3.2 and/or 3.2.3?

Whatever: MuseScore would never ever delete your scores, so they are either still on your computer and you just misremembered where you put them, or you (or someone else) removed them.

On Mac, I believe Finder can help you find files you have misplaced. Just do a search of your entire computer for files ending in ".mscz" (eg, search for "*.mscz" but without the quotes).

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