How to mirror (sync) scores between Mac and iPad

• Aug 27, 2019 - 03:51

I am trying t find how to turn on iCloud sync so that my MuseScore scores are always available on both my Mac and iPad. Could someone tell me how to do that in MuseScore?
Many thanks!


Same question here. I am considering switching to MuseScore, I have monthly plan now, but I do as much iOS as OS X, both iPhone and iPad. Its critical to me to be able to keep everything in sync.

MuseScore files are just like any other files on your filesystem with regards to cloud storage such as iCloud/DropBox/…
Either add the default scores folder to your sharing platform as you do for any other folder or set the default save location for MuseScore to be within an already shared folder (Edit → Preferences within MuseScore to set the default saving location)

Hi jeetee,
Thanks for the reply. I understand how to use iCloud sync so I have that piece of it already. Could you please teach me how to configure MuseScore on the iPad so that it uses the files sync’d from my Mac? Much appreciate your help.

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