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• Aug 28, 2019 - 18:19

Found some error-prone behavior with using keyboard heavy palette-searching:

1) While in note entry mode for example, use the search-palette shortcut, type 'dynamic', down arrow until landing on e.g. 'F' and press enter. Works.
2) Search palette shortcut again, here, the user needs to clear the previous search, and the options are either to press backspace until cleared, or the user can press CTRL+A to select the entire search and start typing a new phrase. Try the latter method: Ctrl+A then type e.g. "Major". Key signatures show. But this time the up/down arrows do not work as expected. Nothing happens!

Ironically, if the user doesn't do CTRL+A + types new search phrase, but presses CTRL+A and then Backspace. to clear the phrase, and then types in "Major" for example, the selection process works. The point here is that some how or another there's something wrong with the code that expects a 'clearing' of some sort to reset the selection position and it's not happening. It can be slightly frustrating before figuring out why it's not working.

No matter how the user types, the positioning should reset, and it might even be suggested that the first item on the shown result should be highlighted by default ready for up/down, meaning that if only one item is displayed after searching, the user should be able to press enter without having to press "down" to select it.

To give proof quickly i will demonstrate with keyboard showing what's pressed based on the above
(the first time around is with the error using ctrl+a and then directly typing in the next phrase, while the second time is with clearing first with a backspace, which seems to enable the palette item selection with the arrow keys


If this could be fixed some how before the 3.3 release that would be pretty decent.


Apparently, the palette is being completely redesigned for 3.3, so it's entirely possible the whole series of steps you listed won't even apply. Probably best to wait for the 3.3. beta before submitting further palette issues.

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