Multiple SoundFonts for instruments with multiple staves?

• Sep 1, 2019 - 00:20

Does anybody know if it's possible to assign multiple SoundFonts to a single instrument? Maybe 1 SoundFont per voice or staff?

For example, if I wanted to pick an instrument like a piano, which naturally has two staves, and want to assign 1 SoundFont to the treble staff (e.g. flute) and another SoundFont to the bass staff (e.g. trombone). Is this kind of thing possible?


Not if it's literally one instrument of two staves, but you could instead simply create it as two instruments of one staff each. Only limitation would be, no cross-staff notation.

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Thanks for the response. More specifically, I'm experimenting with writing the parts for continuo sections and their realisations.

I've seen suggestions in the forums that the pan flute SoundFont sounds quite good for continuo organs, except for the octave below the bass, in which case a recorder SoundFont has been suggested. I was trying to achieve this effect on a single 3 staved organ instrument.

Instead, I think I will consider something different: writing a single continuo line for violoncellos, contrabasses and the octave below on keyboard instruments, and then hide most of the instruments so that it shows just one continuo line with a figured bass. Then write a 2 staved harmonic realisation for keyboard instruments. That way I should be able to achieve the SoundFont effects on the continuo organ quite nicely I think.

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