Problem with adjacent notes/lengths on different voices

• Sep 4, 2019 - 04:17

i have a problem with spacing/position of notes with different lengths, and therefore in different voices.
In the example, top staff, beat 3:
voice 1 is Aflat minim and its tail should be going up;
voice 2 is C dotted crotchet and its tail should be going down;
voice 3 is a G quaver and its tail should be going up.
With Musescore's default setting the Voice 1 minim appears later than the Voice 3 quaver as shown in example bar 1.
What is needed is as shown in example bar 2 (where the voice 1 note is now moved up by a tone to clear the clash).
Example bar 3 shows my best attempt to achieve the desired result but it does not look good.

Bug_Spacing_multiVoice.mscz Any other ideas?

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Bug_Spacing_multiVoice.mscz 13.69 KB


That's actually not bad at all for dealing with this complex area. I suggest trying to flip the minim head the other way from the inspector, and them moving the "chord" (meaning note and stem) in that voice until satisfied.

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