I am all messed up adding a part to the score

• Sep 6, 2019 - 22:49

After I was done with the score I needed to add the synthesizer. I am now left with a mess.

This is what "Edit/Instruments" looks like:
ms Edit:Instr.jpg

But this is the actual appearance of my score. (Notes were added to the Synthesizer part by copy/paste.
ms gs score.jpg

This is what Staff/Part Properties looks like for the Bb Trumpet 1 part.
ms Staff:Part Properties.jpg

And, then, this is what "Parts" shows.
ms Parts.jpg

I am totally lost at sea.

(This is what happens when your director gets all the parts to a piece of music but there is no score. He goes nuts.)


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Help is not out of the question.

Did you check the page settings to ensure you don't have a custom page set up that's on 5 or so inches wide? Also, what view are you in on the page with only all of the instrument names plus a little bit showing - continuous, page, single page?

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One problem might be that you have your pages are set up in Landscape, but that doesn't explain the entire problem. It seems there should be lots of paper to the left of what you are showing in your picture.

Also, when you look at the page settings you are showing, they are for the score or part you are viewing. This means that the parts may have a different page layout. I mention this because I have no way of confirming that you are showing the page settings for the page we are talking about.

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I am so sorry. I just realized that you are thinking this is a formatting issue. Unfortunately not because I can manage those.
The music looks fine to me. It is covered because it is copyrighted.

The problem is that 1) The "BbTrumpet" part is now labelled "New Age synthesizer" on the tab, and,
2) I can't get the synthesizer part to link to the "New Age Synthesizer" in the score (which does not appear in the tabs). And maybe I don't want to because I'd like to keep the trumpet part!

I apologize I just didn't realize I had misled anyone by covering the actual music.

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Yes. the parts display correctly. That's not the problem.

I covered the music because its copyrighted. It's all there!

The synthesizer should be in the last position. The part labelled "New Age Synthesizer" is actually the "Bb Trumpet" part. That change occurred when I attempted to add the synthesizer to the existing parts. "Bb Trumpet" is now labelled "New Age Synthesizer" on the tab.
I had to paste the Synthesizer notes, etc. in from the original part (which is shown in the line above the parts you have marked). The two synthesizer parts are not "linked".

All the music shows up on my screen and in pdfs etc.

The problem is not that the notes, etc. don't appear. They do. I covered them because this is copyrighted music and I am trying to create the score since only the parts are available (and paid for). There are 17 pages of music that I can play and change EXCEPT for the synthesizer and the label on the trumpet part.

1) How do I change the label on the tab for the trumpet back to "Bb Trumpet"?

2) How do I "link" the Synthesizer part to the "New Age Synthesizer" part at the bottom of the score?

Thank you for your response. I hope this helps clarify the issue.

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That really helps us to help you. We thought the problem was the lack of notes being displayed.

The easiest way to fix this is to go into File->Parts. Delete all of the parts (one at a time) then click General all (New all in older vesions) to regenerate the instrument parts then do nothing else but click OK and they will be complete and in the same order as in the score. It's possible to change the names of the tabs, they're the same as the part name in the middle of the parts dialog. One problem is that the name on the printed part will not change, you would have to edit it manually. If the only problem is the order of the tabs, you can drag them to be in the correct order.

I hope all of this makes sense. If one of these options is not clear please let me know exactly what to need to do to fix your score.

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From that picture click delete and the New Age Synthesizer will be deleted and the Bb Trumpet 2 will become selected, just keep clicking delete until the instruments are gone. And the button is called Generate rather than Generate all to create new parts for all instruments.

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