Question about cross staff in piano score

• Sep 9, 2019 - 17:29

Hello, I try to follow the instruction of Cross Staff Notion in Musescore 3 handbook page 172, and used Ctrl+Shift+down/up arrow to move the notes to different staff, but it only moves up and down in the same staff. I attached musescore file of the questions, and also attached 2 pictures of what the score I want to look like. (arpeggio played in both hands. )

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Hi, I found another problem comes up after adding the cross staff notation. The first beat bass voice should be dotted half note long (see measure 1), but after adding the cross staff notation, the bass voice changes to dotted quarter note(see measure 1),
Same thing for m. 3 first bass note (double note Db & Ab) are dotted quarter notes, but after adding the cross staff notation, the bass voice and another voice are overlapped (see measure 4).
Is there a way I can keep both voices clearly seen separately, and at the same time, I also can add cross staff?

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