Corrupt file gone for good?

• Sep 10, 2019 - 23:40

Hi, spent some hours on arrangement only to find that it wouldn't open and showed 'nil's today. Looked all over to find any autosaves/recoveries but cant find anything- inc. ",filename;"/anything in Virtual store. I saved the file constantly, but always directly to my desktop, and never as a 'save as'. is it gone for good?

(Windows 10, Musescore 3)


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DontLook BackIn Anger.mscz 26.63 KB


The file is damaged beyond repair. If you closed the score then reopened and save it successfully, there will be a .score.msxz, file on your computer. It will be a hidden file. If you lost all of the work from one session, then perhaps a backup exists somewhere on your computer with a name of SC*.mscz ( * means a group of some unknown characters) unless you turned off auto save.

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