change instrument

• Sep 17, 2019 - 06:41

i have a viola part and i cant change the instrument to violin in musescore app.
how can i do that??
and how can i upload pdf to musescore???

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Viola-Danube.pdf 137.19 KB


In the MuseScore App (for Android and iOS ) you can't change the instriment, you'd need the MuseScore program (for Windows, Mac, Linux) to do this. See the replies above.

To upload a score to, you could either use's upload or (better) the MuseScore program's "Save Online".
Uploading a PDF to though only makes sense if you want its service to convert it into a score for you, to then be able to edit it with the MuseScore program, upload it to, wait for it to get converted, and if you're lucky, get an mscz file for download.

For that PDF apparently someone tried it before, quite a long time ago, and you get back a cached version of it, for MuseScore 1.3 and full of corruptions

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